The Agape Ushers are a group of dedicated servants that evolved out of a young adult usher board. Their purpose is to serve and assist the congregation during the worship service. They greet visitors and provide assistance to pastoral ministry during the worship hour. The Agape Ushers operate our food pantry and clothing ministry. Additionally they are the facilitators of the "Fishers of Men" ministry, which is an evangelistic min­istry to the community surrounding New Shiloh.

President: Sis. Sue Wilson

The Beatitudes are a spirit-filled group of young adults between the ages of 18 to "40 something", dedicated to singing the praises of God. The Beatitudes sing a variety of music as scheduled for worship services. This group of young adults travel with the pastoral ministry to minister in song. They are under the directorship of Rev. Demetrius Taylor.

President: Sis. Erika Brantley

Rehearsal time: Saturdays at 12:00 p.m.

                                                                CHURCH-WIDE EVANGELISTIC MINISTRY

The New Shiloh Baptist Church Church­-Wide Evangelistic Ministry is an ongoing evangelistic arm of the church. A burden for lost souls, a fundamental understanding of the New Testament, a consistent prayer life, and a spirit of counsel are general requisites for this work. The Church-Wide Evangelistic Ministry seeks to plant the seed of the gospel in the hearts of the unsaved, believing that water will flow through the wider church, and God will give the increase. This ministry galvanizes the various auxiliary ministries within our church and all interested members forming a united front, with weekly outreach, follow-up, intercessory and personal prayer, and pastoral guidance.

                                                               COMFORT CHOIR

A group of dedicated men and women who minister through song, primarily, during funeral services. This choir also sings each 5th Sunday. They are led musically by Bro. Gary Hunt.

President: Sis. Elsie Mackey

                                                              CULINARY MINISTRY

The Culinary Ministry provide good dining experiences for the New Shiloh congregation and catering services for those who use the Family Life Center. Their goal is to render professionalism in the preparation and presentation that is characteristic of Christian principles and servanthood.

President: Sis. Althea Funn

                                                           DEACONS MINISTRY

New Shiloh is uniquely blessed to have over 200 men and women, serving the congregation's spiritual need, as deacons. These Spirit-filled servants assist the Pastoral Ministry in a variety of ways.

They are led by Dea. Donald E. Lee, Chairperson


The Institute is ecumenical and open to everyone providing systematic studies in biblical theological and academic disciplines. Presently, the Institute offers a certificate program for men and women, clergy and laity who are interested in a non-degree seminary experience. Steps are being taken for accreditation. Courses enrich the student's knowledge of the Bible, theology and current issues facing the church. Open since 1996, the faculty and staff comprise some of the best minds in the area of biblical and heological thought and training.   Areas of Concentration: Biblical Studies, Ministry & Christian Education, Theology and Ethics, and History of the Church and its People.

Dean: Rev. Robbin Blackwell

                                                         DETERMINED CHOIR

The Determined Choir is made up of young people between the ages of 11 1/2 to 18 years of age. These young people meet for spiritual guidance and rehearsal on a weekly basis. They sing every first and third Sunday at the 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. worship services. They are also the choir for the Youth Explosion Services, which take place on Saturday evenings on a monthly basis. The Determined Choir travels with the pastoral ministry to other churches to lift the praises of God.

Rehearsal Time: Monday, 6:30 p.m.

                                                           DETERMINED FAITH PARTNERS

The Determined Faith Partners are comprised of a cross section of members of New Shiloh who are committed to financially supporting the overall "determined "vision of the church.

President: Sis. Brenda Barland

                                                    DETERMINED MINISTRY OF ADDICTIONS RECOVERY

 The Determined Group is a 12-step, Christ-centered, recovery fellowship for persons seeking spiritual support to recover from various addictions and/ or substance abuse. It is open to all persons, male or female, member or non-member. The only requirement for membership is a personal desire to stop one's own addiction or to cope with the addiction of a friend or family member.

Leaders: Evan. George Carter and Rev. Beverly Carter

                                                               ENGINEERING MEDIA MINISTRY

The Engineering Ministry provides technical assis­tance to the worship experience through sound audiotapes and videography. They facilitate the New Shiloh Worship Hour on WBAL radio and The Determined Television Ministry on local cable.

President: Bro. Mitchell Lomax

                                                                       SANCTUARY CHOIR

The Sanctuary Choir is comprised of the voices of all of our choral ministries and committed to praising and glorifying God through song in all Sunday services. They sing a variety of music and travel with the Pastoral Ministry.

Rehearsal Time: Tuesday, 7:00 PM

                                                              GREETERS MINISTRY

The members of the Greeters Ministry welcome those entering worship and other events at New Shiloh. They serve as hosts to visitors of the church. The Greeters also sponsor a "little sisters" mentoring program for girls ages 7-10.

President: Sis. Eunice Herring

                                                               KING'S DAUGHTERS

The King's Daughters are committed to enhancing the spiritual growth of the church through missions and evangelism. They minister to persons in Convalescent homes and the sick and shut-in. They minister to young people through their support of local elementary schools. King's Daughters also provide scholarship aid to The New Shiloh School of Music.

President: Sis. Zeldalyne Williams

                                                                        MEN'S MINISTRY

The Men's Ministry of New Shiloh is com­prised of men of all ages who gather monthly for study, fellowship and o discuss relevant issues. Guest speakers occasionally come to facilitate the discussion of a specific subject. The men are involved in a mission and evangelistic project each year.

Men's Ministry leader: Bro. David Johnson and Bro. Kenneth Sloan

                                                       MINISTERS AND EVANGELISTS COUNCIL

The Ministers and Evangelists Council is a group of persons recognized by the church with a license, certificate, or training for ministry. Generally, these men and women are associate ministers of New Shiloh who serve to assist the Pastoral Ministry of the church.

President: Rev. Jaki Hall

                                                          MINISTERS' WIVES AND WIDOWS

The women are united in love, joy, peace, and spiritual growth for the promotion of the church's three-fold ministry of Missions, Evangelism, and Christian Education. Seminars and a variety of meetings are held for personal, spiritual growth, instruction, and motivation. The Minister's Wives and Widows are determined to be their sister's keeper.

 President: Rev. Monique T. Carter
                                                                 NAACP YOUTH COUNCIL

The NAACP Youth Council meets to become better informed about the issues that affect African Americans. They are actively involved in political, educational, social and economic community endeavors. The young people also receive instruction in African American history.

President: Ms. Alexandria Nickens

                                                                    NURSERY MINISTRY

The Spirit of Love Nursery Ministry is a group of men and women who are dedicated to the care of children which allows parents/ guardians to enjoy the worship experience. This ministry provides a safe and nurturing environment for children from birth to five years old. The nursery is open during the 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. worship services. A bible lesson is taught, and the children enjoy play time and a period when they listen to the larger worship service.

President: Sis. Vera Scribner

                                                                       NURSES UNIT

The Nurses Unit ministers to worshippers who become ill. Additionally, the nurses provide information and learning opportunities about current health issues. The Unit also witnesses during its visits to the sick and shut-in, monthly blood pressure screening, support of a local elementary school, contributions to the New Shiloh Food Pantry and scholarship contribution to The New Shiloh School of Music.

 President: Sis. Jessica Lann

                                                                     PASTORS' PARTNERS

The Pastors' Partners are a group of men and women whose purpose is to provide for the material and physical needs of the pastoral ministry. They purchase ecclesiastical attire and other tools for ministry. The Pastors' Partners also visit the elderly and the sick and shut-in, in addition to a telephone ministry.

Presidents: Bro. and Sis. Jackie and James Lewis

                                                           PRAYER FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY

The Prayer Fellowship Ministry is the nucleus of the 6:00 a.m. Prayer Service held each day. The group facilitates the devotional period and schedules the meditative messengers.

Coordinator: Bro. Howard Lyles

                                                          PROGRESSIVE SHILOH WORKERS

The Progressive Shiloh Workers are dedicated to missions and evangelism. Yearly, the group awards thousands of dollars to high school graduates and college students for the furtherance of their education. Additionally, the group facilitates several mission projects each year.

President: Sis. Gail J. Adams

                                                            SATURDAY CHURCH SCHOOL

Conceived by Dr. Harold A. Carter, the Saturday Church School of New Shiloh began in October, 1973. Hundreds of eager students, of all ages joined by a dedicated and energized administrative and teach­ing staff began this unique program of Biblical instruction. The general concept is to provide a forum where students would take seriously the Word of God for an extended period of time, grown spiritually, and reach their full potential in other areas through enrichment/ elective classed emphasizing special skills. Over the 30 years of our Saturday Church School various ministries have evolved, such as: A Christian Drama Department, Sons and Daughters of the Prophet, Evangelistic Outreach Programs, such as parades, outdoor festivals, and door-to-door witnessing, Deacons and Stewards of Christ training classes, and a Summer Bible/ Enrichment Program. The school continues to be a model for other ministries. Other churches regularly send their teachers to observe this unique work.

Meeting time: Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon

                                                              THE CARTER SCHOOL OF MUSIC

The School of Music is a local church-based institution, promoting the fine arts. The school provides private lessons for voice or instrument training for all ages. Additionally, students take classes in music theory and ensemble. With a present enrollment of over 300 students, it is our vision that the school will continue to train everyone to improve their gifts and talents for sharing in mainstream and Christian arenas .

Executive Director: Alethia B. Starke

                                                                    SECURITY MINISTRY

The Security Ministry protects parishioners and the church's physical plant.

                                                                        SENIOR CIRCLE

The Senior Circle provides fellowship and support to the elders of the congregation through meetings, trips and fellowship meals.

                                                                     SENIOR USHERS

The Senior Ushers welcome and provide guidance and support to parishioners, and visitors who come to worship. They assist the pastoral ministry and aid in the orderly progression of the worship service.

Presidents: Sis. Betty Bell

                                                                     SINGING MEN

The Singing Men lift the name of Jesus through song. The choir is under the leadership of Brother Michael Caesar.

President: Bro. Walter Bennett

                                                                 WILLING WORKERS
The Willing Workers is a ministry of caring. They visit the sick in private homes, hospitals and nursing centers bringing the Word of God and comfort. They have a ministry of visitation to recovering alcoholics and addicts in rehabilitation, pre-release and correctional institutions.

President: Sis. Norma Stockton

                                                                 WOMEN'S MINISTRY

The Women's Ministry is ministry of support, education, and edification open to all women, members and non-members. Weekly the women gather to discuss relevant life issues, to worship and to fellowship. Guest speakers and facilitators often are invited to give illumination to a particular issue. The Women's Ministry is involved in a mission and evangelistic project each year.

Coordinators: Rev. Monique Carter, Rev. Doris Gaskins, Servant Flecia Dawkins

                                                                   YOUTH CHOIR

The Youth Choir is made up of children age 11 and under who sing the praises of the Lord. The children are under the guidance of the directorship of Sister Sherry Hunt and sing during the 11:00 a.m. worship and other occasions when called upon.

President: Sis. Olivia West